Which role are you born for

If you could choose a dream, which one would you most like to experience?

  1. Sweet intimacy with the opposite sex
  2. Make a fortune in lottery every day
  3. The presidential dream of running a country
  4. The dream of becoming an international superstar

Test Result:

  1. You play your best role as a parent. This type of person is very loving especially to their children. You will feel that you must give the best to the children, their own frugality does not matter, let the children by the best education live the best life. You will take care of your children, children in your heart is always the first. So friends who choose this answer, you are born with strong paternal or maternal love, and to be your children will be a very happy thing.
  2. You play your best role as a good child. This type of person is very filial and you think friends are important in life, but parents are always number one for you. If your parents need something, mentally or financially, you will do everything you can to meet their needs. So the friend that chooses this answer will be very filial child.
  3. You play your best role as a good friend. This type of person will help others whenever you can, whether your friend or a stranger. You value friendship so much that when you feel a person is weak or hurt, you are sure to step up and take care of it. Therefore, who choose this answer will become a well good friend.
  4. Your best role is a good lover. This type of person is stiff at work as well as at home. They will become very serious parents. However, when you fall in love will others you will care your partner a lot, making he or she feel happy and sweet. So who choose this answer will become a good lover.