What you should know about cannabis consumption?

Marijuana has been banned for a century, still, it is the most commonly used illicit drug. Marijuana is derived from the dried flowers, leaves, stem and buds of a tropical plant called cannabis sativa or hemp plant. Marijuana leaves are said to be highly enriched in mineral, vitamin and fiber content. Before the criminalization of marijuana, it was widely used to treat a number of medical conditions.  Continuous study and research on marijuana have helped in its legalization.

Canada has now legalized the consumption of both recreational as well as medical cannabis and as result numbers of businesses are being established. Namaste cannabis is one of the well known and legalized producer or recreational cannabis offering a number of products through its online portal.

Below is the list of information which cannabis user must know in order to efficiently make the purchase of recreational cannabis

  1. Different type of marijuana plants available

It has been stated that after effect of cannabis consumption depends on the freshness, quality, and quantity of product. A potential user must have good knowledge about the available options

  • SativaThese plants are tall with long and narrow leaves. This strain contains more THC and therefore they are said to offer more stimulant effect.
  • IndicaThese plants are comparatively shorter and have wider leaves. They are said to have high cannabidiol content and therefore are thought to be sedatives providing a more calming effect when taken medically.
  • Hybrid-As the name suggests, the hybrid is a combination of both sativa and indica plants and also possess the combined characteristic of both the plants.

Hemp plants are often avoided as they don’t get one as high as sativa, indica and hybrid strain.

  1. Ways of consuming marijuana

The intake method of marijuana is not limited to smoking it but different people adopt different techniques. Scientifically, it is the method of consumption and breakthrough of chemicals which defines the possible effect of consumption.  Some of the commonly used intake methods are

  • Inhaling smoke

This is the most common and popular method of consuming cannabis. Users pack a small amount of dried cannabis into a pipe or roll it into paper and then light it and inhale the smoke from the mouthpiece of the device. However, this method is considered harmful as many other toxins are produced by the creation of smoke.

  • Edibles

One can infuse cannabis into edibles like candy, cake, brownies, and even butter or oil. Eating is one of the best alternatives to smoking as it doesn’t have any precise side effect and the effect is more long lasting in comparison to smoking.

  • Vaporizers

To vaporize marijuana, a small amount of dried cannabis or cannabis extract is placed into a vaporizer machine to be inhaled. It allows one to inhale the vapor instead of smoke and therefore the method is less harmful to the lungs than smoking.

There are number of additional alternative for consumption including tincture or sprays, patches, and dabbing; however, according to the experts these methods are not safe and could have dangerous consequences.

Make sure you only consume marijuana after attending the legal age to avoid legal trouble and medical consequences.