The Reason behind the Onset of Cancer

When the cells get mutated and become malignant then the condition arises called cancer. There are about 100 types of cancer. What the normal body is doing making the new cells and the old ones die but when the process goes wrong and the body makes the new cells when not needed and the old one doesn’t die then the mutation occurs.

The extra bulk of cells make the mass called the tumor which further mutate and become benign or malignant in nature. Sometimes the cells from the tumor get to invade the surrounding tissues and spread to other parts of the body too. There are various medicines and treatments available in the market when this condition is detected o time.

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Sarcoma– It is the type of cancer which starts in bones, cartilages, blood vessels, muscles, and other supporting connective tissues.

Lymphoma– when the cells of the immune system get mutated.

Central Nervous System Cancer– Cells of the brain and spinal cord tissues are affected

Leukemia– When the cells of the blood-forming tissues like bone marrow get mutated and form the abnormal cells in the whole of the body is called leukemia.

These were some of the categories of cancer according to the national cancer institute. Now the question is why cancer occurs what is the reason for the onset of cancer. There are various factors responsible for the onset of cancer. Age, gender, local environmental factors, diet, lifestyle, obesity, tobacco, sunlight and many more are the factors.

A person develops this fatal disease when these above-mentioned factors combine, but the exact cause of the onset of the cancer is still unknown. The treatment is according to the type of cancer and its stage. Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are the treatment options that are chosen according to the stage and the type of cancer. Additional treatments like hormone therapy, stem cell transplant or biologic therapy are also given.

Cancer Detection– There are various cancers that can be detected during the regular checkup like prostate cancer, breast, mouth, skin, testicles, and rectum and when detected can be treated easily while on the other hand there are some of the cancer types that are diagnosed after studying the tumor. In the early stage, it is quite easy to have a successful treatment while in the last stage it can be fatal.


Warning signs of cancer:

  • Changes in the bowel movements
  • Sour throat for a long time
  • Nagging Cough
  • Visible change in the size, color and the shape of the mole
  • Unusual discharge or bleeding
  • Lumps in the testicles, breast or elsewhere
  • Indigestion